About Gina


Gina Kalloch was born to a father from the far north
and a mother from the deep south.  Her father, a
 Koyukon Athabascan Indian, was raised in Tanana
 and Rampart - Alaska Native villages along the Yukon
 River.  Her mother is French Creole from rural,
 Southern Louisiana.  Gina was raised primarily in
 Interior Alaska, immersed in the Athabascan culture.
 Ms. Kalloch creates beadwork that reflects both
 traditional style and contemporary innovation.  She
 has been working with beads for over 20 years and is
 renowned for her work with the tiniest antique beads.
 Although self-taught, she has studied with Native
 elders and contemporaries in a traditional sharing of
Gina sees her work as she sees her unique heritage -
 grounded in Alaska Native tradition and flavored with
 the southern spiciness passed down by her mother.


"Dragonfly Bag"

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